Charles Peterson is New Englandís only Nationally Degreed Advanced Master Craftsman. Charles is one of the Nationís most highly qualified wood flooring experts, offering clients full-service wood flooring options. Utilizing the finest in quality materials and equipment, CP consistently attains the highest quality results.

Whether a complete start-to-finish installation, bringing back to life a long worn-out floor or putting the finishing touch on a newly installed floor, CP strives to give each and every customer a floor that will be enjoyed for decades to come - our thorough maintenance and long-term care program helps ensure that the beauty lives on.

Please feel free to contact us at (860) 464-5001, or fill out the On-line Quote, so that we may have the opportunity of delivering to you a beautiful floor that will last a lifetime.


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The floor below was created by Charles for his new book "Wood Flooring: A Complete Guide to Layout, Installation & Finishing" it is this year's winner of the best "Handcut Wood Floor" in the world. The book is the most comprehensive resource on wood floors in the world. The floor is coated with Charles new finish system which is the most durable, most chemically resistant, lowest VOC finish and quickest curing finish available - UV Green Cure.

Floor of the Year
"I have been obsessed with wood floors since 1978. Although I did spend two decades in engineering my mind has always remained preoccupied with one question about the wood flooring industry.

"In engineering every answer was always at my finger tips. The opposite is true with tying to obtain wood flooring information. Most information is difficult to obtain or contradictory. It has been my quest to take some of the frustration out of searching for wood flooring answers.

"Wood Flooring by Charles Peterson will be released to book stores this February. It represents over three decades of research. My rough drafts totaled well over one million words. I of course could not fit all five thousand pages of information in my allotted 300 pages of the book.

"The book represents 12,382 hours of writing. Although I had to compromise on the amount and depth of content, the book is still the most comprehensive publication ever produced on wood floors. I have tried to simplify the techniques to the level that my young sons could reproduce any wood floor in the world." Charles Peterson